Growth Groups

Who can participate?

Anyone.  Anyone who is hungry for God’s Word, who is longing to make new friends, who is wanting to connect with the community, who is wanting to learn “something” new, learning how to bring people to Jesus or longing to grow with our Lord Jesus Christ.

Scheduling Growth Groups:

Growth Groups will be done in 8-10 week sessions.  Growth groups are taking into consideration our RICHMOND schedules.  We should understand that couple’s have their own work schedules, their children’s schedules, their own parents’ schedules, and family time to deal with.  The 8-10 week session by intention wants to promote our awareness of our busy schedules while at the same giving us responsibility and commitment to a spiritual group.  Spirituality can happen, can grow with others in a busy world. 

Sign-up Information

You can sign-up in these ways:

  1. Click here: Join a Group – then choose which group you would like to join.
  2. Send an email to  Simply tell us your first and last name and the name of the group you will be participating in. 
  3. Come to church and sign-up after 11 am Service in the lobby. 
  4. Call Church office – 804.746.2788.


Example of Growth Group:

1 Week: Introduction
2 Week: Lesson 1 – Book Title, Ch. 1-2
3 Week: Lesson 2 – People of the Gospels
4 Week: Lesson 3 – Health Tips Ch. 5
5 Week: Week off
6 Week: Lesson 4 – Book Title, Ch. 5,6
7 Week: Social Night (Watch a Movie together, going out to eat to a restaurant, hanging out at someone’s house, playing sports, creative arts, etc.)
8 Week: Lesson 5 – Book Title, ch. 7,8
9 Week: Outreach Week (Serving the community in some capacity decided by the group: prison ministry, feeding the homeless, etc.)
10 Week: Lesson 6 – Conclusion and Summary of Steps to Christ

*Notice that Weeks 1,5,7,9 are intentional.  First, one is invited to share some personal information and experience with others the journey of knowing Jesus. Second, taking off a week will allow a member of the group to take a break.  Third, seeing each other in “jeans” will bring community build-up effectively.  Fourthly, doing ministry as opposed to hearing about it should be most effective.  This “quadrilateral ministry” is intentional.

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