Testimonial by Pastor Alex Barrientos

Giving has never been so fun to do especially when you know what it is for. Throughout the years my giving has changed. It has changed in the amount I have given, it has changed to where I’d like for it to be directed, but most importantly, personally, it has changed me. Giving is not for ‘my’ sake, however. Giving has always been for someone else or let’s say it’s better – “for everyone else!”

I’ve learned that when one gives to God, one participates in God’s work. I’ve never seen it in any other way. This is why Paul the Apostle says it is out of a cheerful heart. It’s almost a calling of response for what God has done in our lives.

It is true that I give my time for God’s work, it is also true I give my spiritual gifts for the building of the church, but it is equally important for me to give financially to support ministries, sustaining of faith, and participating in giving to various outreaches that could assist in people’s critical moments in life – homelessness, lack of food and imprisonment.

When I see how things contribute to God’s work one can only find joy that they participate in the wellness of other’s. Essentially, to give is a self-less act – one by which the receiver of such blessings obtains the full benefit. It is Christ-like. To give has only provided me with a scope of God’s love dressed in humility. It has changed my life. It can also change yours!

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