Welcome to your Church

Welcome to Meadowbridge Seventh-day Adventist Church. We invite you to visit us. 

Here at Meadowbridge SDA Church we believe that Jesus’ life on earth is our example. Christ demonstrated whom God the Father is. We believe in the Bible just the way Jesus did. Jesus used scripture to show and tell people who He is and His mission. In fact, we believe that the Bible is God’s letter to us. It is God’s Word. We don’t pick and choose scripture because God wants and needs to be number one in our lives. God loves us so much, He has foretold us the future. So we know ahead of time what He has planed and what is going to happen.

Meadowbridge SDA Church also believes that God gave His Son to this lost world to save everybody. All people can be forgiven. We try to see all people the way God sees us, with love. We realize we need the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives to do this.

Meadowbridge SDA Church believes also in God’s direct command to “Go into the world, teach, preach and baptize.” This is done by the Holy Spirit teaching us and developing our spiritual gifts and talents. We follow all of Gods commands, even keeping the seventh day Sabbath holy, just as Jesus did (Luke 4:16). The Sabbath is another of God’s love gift to us, and the people who love God will accept His gift. We want our actions, by serving our community, members and guests to reflect Jesus love. We believe you can tell a true Christian by their love for God and love to our fellow human beings.

We believe by faith in Jesus’ act in coming here to this earth, dying for our sins and in His resurrection. We believe that the church is Jesus’ bride, and He is going to come back again for her.

As we study our Bibles together, it is my desire that you develop a growing personal relationship with Jesus. In fact, the mission of our Church is to grow in Christ, lead others to Christ, and encourage one another in Christ.

Meadowbridge offers many ministries that you can get involved in and has many programs.

There is a place for you at Meadowbridge SDA Church. Everyone is welcome. You will be loved; you will be able to develop your spiritual gifts and talents. You will see and experience God’s love.

We look forward to seeing you. We will enjoy your fellowship in Christ as we encourage each other to stay connected to the Vine, Jesus.

Your family in Christ